Visit us at Light + Building and CEBIT

We are delighted to invite you to Germany next week, where we will present the Zipato system at two popular exhibitions: Cebit (Hannover and Lights + Building Frankfurt at the same time)

Remote management and analysis

Analysis and comparison will provide you with a history report and your energy consumption statistics so you can analyze them and compare them with your area's averagecost estimate showing you the cost of using electricity to you every day and every month, unless you change something. Real-time notifications will quickly detect your average usage for specified periods of time, and when you reach their peak, you will be notified that something has been left behind. Your lamp or device can be on standby.

Our Projects

Circuit Vision Company to provide all solutions for audio, video and communications, virtual information and communications technology services and about software and notebook technology in addition to video conferencing solutions and any related service to achieve the full quality of our business

Enocean expansion unit for Zipabox

By adding the EnOcean expansion unit to the expansion unit family, Zipabox increases the number of compatible products. The innovative EnOcean technology uses the principle of energy harvesting and acquires...

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Zipato smart home

Installing Zipato will make any house safe, energy efficient and easy to maintain. For more information, visit where you can find a local consultant who is ready to advise...

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CES 2017 Innovations Awards Honoree

Zipato today announced that it has received the CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for the new version of the Smart Home Dashboard - ZipaTile.

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