Smart systems, smart home and the Internet of things

Now you can control your smart home from anywhere, anytime with the advanced circuit vision company.


Your smartphone has become smarter

You can access the Bdas mobile app on your ™ iPhone or iPad ™, so you'll always know, even on the go. You can also get a Bdas cellular wireless connection on your ™ Blackberry or any other web-supporting mobile devices. You can arm or disarm your alarm system, receive text and video alerts from your home, view real-time video, adjust lights or heat organizations and more.


See the state of your home

With BADAs, you'll easily be able to see the security status of your home, receive text and video alerts for events at home, arm or alarm alarm, monitor doors, windows and motion sensors, view live video via surveillance cameras, and adjust lighting and temperature for comfort or energy efficiency.


Touch screen

Connect with your home with a touch screen. Whether it's on the table or on the wall, the touch screen will put your home at your fingertips.


Home Automation

Control all the lamps connected to your system with ease at the touch of a button to learn about the security situation of your home.


Remote security

Do/turn off your system quickly with the touch of a button. 24/7 monitoring of burglary, theft and carbon monoxide from will help protect your home.


Lifestyle Management

Help save energy and money by adjusting the lights connected to your system. Watch a secure real-time video from surveillance areas in your home. You can even find out who is at your front door without going to the door. Access your web photo account to use your touchscreen as a digital photo album. Check out the momentweather, traffic, sports, news and more.



Displays news titles, photos, and short stories in slideshow format.



Allows you to view photos from your Yahoo! Flickr account in full-screen mode on the touch screen.



It gives you a quick way to check traffic in your area. Use Google Maps to view a map of your area using live traffic data. Add multiple locations, such as office, airport, school and home.

Monitoring And Control System

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